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I've been thinking just lately about how much im going to miss uni. I've got so many fantastic memories of this place including throwing water bombs at the tarty girls sunbathing in the courtyard outside the flat, skateboardless skateboarding, ping pong, mousehunting, JJAR cup etc etc i could go on forever( i realise no-one will understand me but trust me they are all very funny memories). Its been so nice to spend 3 years away from home and not have any proper responsibilities or ties. I want to take this opportunity to thank all my friends (although only 2 of them will actually read this) for making my time so enjoyable and helping me have these fantastic memories. thanks guys. Is anyone in their 3rd year and really sad to be leaving??
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Im in my third year also. I have some amazing memories also including moaning about the cold kitchen, having a man in the roof, fire alarms in halls, walking to the cinema, skipping home. I just hope there will be as many new memories to come.
i know i'm only a 2nd year but im already dreading leaving uni! not only for the prospect of finding a "grown up" job, but also cos i'll be dreadfully depressed. it was bad enough when i left the 6th form! they say your schooling days are the best days of your life, i think they were right, so whats for you when you leave?????? :(
I really think my school days have been the best of my life. If i could go back to high school right now i would and do it all over again. I think im going to delay getting a job for as long as possible.
i want to off round the world.
Careful of delaying the inevitable. Take care Baroness Rarshel lwysai devlay